Twenty years pass quickly! Global-Z was founded in 1989 as a computer consulting firm. Recognizing the ever-growing need to communicate by mail with consumers and businesses around the world, quickly prompted the Global-Z project. Today, Global-Z International is the world’s recognized leader in international addressing, de-duplication and database management solutions. While our technology is second-to-none, it is most definitely our outstanding “GZ family” that has brought us to such a wonderful place. Our GZ family is comprised of our dedicated employees and their wonderfully supportive families. It is our GZ family and our great customers who have brought us to where we are today. “Thanks” only begins to express our most sincere appreciation.

In June the GZ family gathered in celebration of this exciting milestone in our history. A beautiful, warm Vermont summer day framed the fun. Here are a few pictures that are, well, worth a thousand words, so we’ll leave off here and let the pictures tell the celebratory story.







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