With ever-growing stores of international client and prospect data there are creative business needs to augment and analyze that data that we hear about continually from you, our forward-thinking clients. One such demand has been increasingly to determine a geographic coordinate from another geographic identifier such as a physical address. Global-Z’s R&D team has heard and responded to your request for:

  • Customer and prospect location identification;
  • Customer database geographical analysis;
  • Targeted geographical marketing, e.g. seasonality targeting or radius targeting relative to one or more retail locations;
  • Asset location tracking and identification;
  • Reduction of transportation and logistics costs through distribution analysis;
  • Sales force optimization;
  • Risk analysis;

With these and a host of other application requiring geographical identification of a physical address we’ve released Global-Z’s International Geocoding Service.

Currently deployed for Canada and the United Kingdom our International Geocoding Service continues to grow in direct response to our clients’ individual needs and business objectives. Contact Us today to schedule a free test of our new International Geocoding Service to help you hit the mark in 2010.