Las Vegas

~ by Simon Burrell, founder and owner of Our Man On The Ground

As many of you will know, as well as being the home to DMA ‘12, Las Vegas is known as Disneyland for adults and the place that anything goes, well pretty much that is.  It is full of very large lavish hotels, most with their own casinos, nightclubs and glitzy shows.  Some have man-made beaches to give you that sense of being by the sea rather than the middle of the Nevada desert.  One of my writers even wrote me a review recently of a “Day Club”, yes there are now clubs where you can dance around the pool and drink in the heat (really sensible) and not have to wait until it gets dark!  Whatever next?~ by Simon Burrell, founder and owner of Our Man On The Ground

Well whatever next has just arrived in town…

If gambling, Celine Dion and day clubs are not for you, then how about a bit of real adrenalin pumping excitement?  Machine Guns Vegas is a brand new upscale indoor shooting range and of course it would not be Vegas if it didn’t have skimpily dressed attractive hostesses and VIP lounges!  Ever wondered what shooting an M-16 or Uzi is like, well now’s your chance to find out.  The array of exotic guns they stock in their armoury is jaw dropping, from vintage machine guns to the latest automatics and hard to find weapons.  And this is legal!  No wonder many Europeans can be found sitting in the VIP Lounges waiting their turn on the range.

This is serious stuff though and don’t think for one moment that it is Disneyland here when it comes to safety.  You will be flanked by two range masters and be equipped with goggles and headphones (so you can still hear Celine perform in the evening).  The range masters are professional and tend to be military veterans with considerable weapons experience and training, putting you in very good hands.

So what does it cost?  Well for just under $700 (a dollar under to be precise) you can have their top of the range package which gives you an array of some 16 different guns, over 1,500 rounds of ammunition and of course that all important pass to the VIP lounge.

Well, as they say, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas and this year what happens at DMA ’12 also stays at the Show and not on the range!

Simon Burrell is Editor-in-chief of and can be contacted via the website for any travel related stories you might like to share.

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