It’s us again…your friendly Global-Z Co-Morale Officers, and I am sure everyone is on the edge of their seats just waiting to hear about our shenanigans over the past few months.  Well your wait is finally over!  Here is your Ambassadors of Fun update.

As you will recall from the last newsletter Global-Z recently hired a new marketing assistant, Paul Harris.  We were very excited to be able to help welcome Paul aboard and felt that it was our official duty to ensure his first day on the job was a true representation of what working at Global-Z could be, FUN!  During his interview Paul had mentioned that monkeys make him laugh, and there is of course no better way to start a new job than being able to laugh.  With that in mind we did a little cubicle re-decorating for Paul.  After covering every surface with pictures of monkeys and creating a jungle vine wall, we closed the door to his cube and another empty cubicle (that was far less fun and being used for storage at the moment). We also included a special themed gift basket in each cubicle. We then played a rousing game of Let’s Make a Deal, where Paul had to decide which cubicle would be his home from 9-5 Monday through Friday from then on. We listed the pros and cons of each cube and let him choose.  He rightly chose the “fun” cubicle, and therefore got to inhabit the monkey adorned space.  And to boost his morale even more he got to keep both gift baskets!  A great start to his first day, if we don’t say so ourselves!

Our next scheme was to have a Global-Z luau, and it just so happened that two of our favorite co-workers were leaving for their five month stay in Spain and wanted to have a BBQ before they left.  What better way to say goodbye to them then to incorporate our luau idea with their BBQ?  There isn’t one!  We had to work fast as we only had a week to plan and coordinate everything before their departure.  A great task to accomplish…but one that we happily took on and pulled off splendidly!  We decorated the conference room so that it felt like we had all hopped a flight to Hawaii for the afternoon. Complete with leis for everyone and some tasty island inspired dishes, including ribs, mango salsa, macadamia nuts, piña colada cupcakes, and pineapple upside-down cake to name a few.  It was truly a great time and enjoyed by all, just like we knew it would be!

Random acts of frivolity are our specialty and that includes Easter themed treats on everyone’s desk the last work day before Easter and ice cream sundaes on a Friday afternoon to raise everyone’s spirits just a little!  Now we have to say that we are very lucky to be working for Global-Z, it is honestly the best place that I can ever imagine working.  This is in part because of the amazing co-workers we have the pleasure of working with on a daily basis, but mostly because of the remarkable people that own and run this company: Dimitri, Global-Z Captain; Sasha, Global-Z Mom; and Leonid, Global-Z crazy uncle that you always look forward to seeing at family gatherings.  They are the true morale boosters!  By letting us be ourselves and organize all these crazy events and general tomfoolery, they make coming into work everyday a delight. Thank you so much to Dimitri, Sasha, and Leonid for allowing us to appoint ourselves the Global-Z Co-Morale Officers and everything that goes along with that!

Until the next newsletter… Co-Morale Officers out!

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