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Global-Z Saves Energy and Money with Green Initiatives

October 8, 2012


Global-Z is pleased announce the installation of a Freeaire Refrigeration system which utilizes outside air to cool our data center. The new air system is part of our efforts towards creating a greener more environmentally-friendly facility.

During the colder months of the year, the Freeaire Refrigeration system will intake cool air from outside and pumps it in to the data center. This eliminates the need to run the air conditioning units in the data center 24/7/365.

“It’s important to me and my colleagues that we invest in any energy-saving infrastructure that we can. Green initiatives are a win-win for us and for Vermont” said Leonard Kipp, Global-Z’s Systems Administration Officer.

Efficiency Vermont, a provider of technical assistance, rebates, and financial incentives to help Vermont households and businesses reduce their energy costs, will rebate Global-Z $1500 at the completion of the project.

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