Global-Z's Cat

~by Paul Harris,  Sales & Marketing Assistant

Catamounts have overrun Bennington, Vermont!

The 2013 Catamount Prowl  is a community street art event organized by the Bennington Area Chamber of Commerce. The street art event runs until the end of October and raises money for our community and local businesses.

The Catamounts are made from fiberglass castings and are designed by local and regional artists from around the area.  The event has been embraced by the community and tourists of all ages. It has come to Bennington, VT with much excitement and anticipation.

Global-Z was honored to have sponsored a smaller cat during the 2013 prowl. Our cat is named Extinction is Forever. It was designed and painted by the students and staff of the Southshire Community School in North Bennington, VT. We attended the unveiling parties of both the larger and smaller Catamounts that have since been placed on display throughout our community.

We hope you enjoy the picture gallery we created below. We encourage you to come visit Bennington, VT to see these cats, and many more.

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