From Left: George Verschoor, Jason Parks, Will Spjut
From Left: George Verschoor, Jason Parks, Will Spjut

In early March 2013, Global-Z learned about some very exciting news from our colleague Leigh Anne Parks.

Leigh Anne’s husband, Jason Parks, was offered the opportunity to be featured on a brand new reality TV show called “Building Wild” by the National Geographic Channel. Building Wild is a do-it-yourself construction series that builds dream camps for clients that own a challenging piece of wilderness.

Jason was offered this chance after Leigh Anne emailed the shows producers and told them about how it has always been a dream of Jason’s to have a camp on the family property in Vermont.  The producers contacted her almost immediately to schedule Skype and in person interviews. In the end, Jason was selected for the series.

Building Wild premiered on January 14th @ 9/8c on the National Geographic Channel.  The episode featuring Jason will air on February 25th.  Tune in to see Jason and his brother, Bill, work with the Building Wild “Cabin Kings” to make Jason’s dream come true.  His episode is titled “Tuff Enough”.  Here is a sneak peek below.

 Congratulations to Leigh Anne, Jason and the whole Parks family!


Photo Credit: 90 Miles Productions
Video Credit: National Geographic


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