Haloween2013~By Katie Favreau & Jennifer Martell, Global-Z Co-Morale Officers

Here we are once again with you on the edge of your seat waiting to hear about all the fun things we have been up to the past few months.  And there has been a lot of morale-ing going on at Global-Z so I can assure you that you won’t be let down!

Let’s start with Halloween.  We had our 2nd annual costume contest, which I am pleased to say that my awesome ninja turtle costume took first place for the girls, and our fearless captain’s cow costume took first place for the boys…although he may have cheated by having the cutest prop in the world, don’t believe me check out the photo.  Everyone also got a cute little trick-or-treat bag filled with candy… regardless of whether or not they wore a costume (we were feeling extra generous this year).

Next up was Thanksgiving, which is never complete without pumpkin pie!  So we made little individual pies for everyone as a special treat the day before Thanksgiving.  And this year we had the privilege to partake in another celebration on this day too.  Our Chief Technical Officer celebrated his 15th year with Global-Z!  Wow 15 years, that’s a long time, especially since Global-Z is just turning 25 this year (hint keep a look out for our celebrations on that later this year)!  We did it up right with a delicious pizza lunch from one of our favorite local pizza joints, but I decided that wasn’t quite special enough so I made some tasty stuffed peppers for everyone to enjoy along with their pizza.  A great time was had by all.Christmas_tree_2013

Finally we celebrated one of my favorite times of the year… Christmas!  I love everything about Christmas, from getting together with my friends and family, to all the decorations, to the yummy baked goods and delicious food, to giving presents to loved ones.  So you can imagine that we must do it up right here at GZ. We started in our own suite, with garland and little USB Christmas trees for everyone’s desk.  We also had our own Christmas Tree complete with “presents” underneath, or maybe we just rescued a few boxes from the recycle bin and wrapped them to look like presents.  We also had our little Hello Kitty shrine with a stuffed Hello Kitty, and small Hello Kitty Christmas tree, and Hello Kitty Cookie jar filled with candy.  We’ll have to tell you about how our obsession with Hello Kitty started, but that is a story for another day.  We also made a ton of paper snowflakes from paper that was to be recycled (see how green we are, always finding new uses for things) and decorated the suite door.  Jennifer, my fellow Co-Morale Officer, and myself took on the title of Executive Directors of Beauty and Cosmetics (yes we did come up with the name ourselves, and yes it is just as glamorous as it sounds) along with our many other responsibilities it was our official duty to decorate the office.  Now we take our jobs here very seriously so we needed to really step up the decorations in the entry way!  Our favorite thing was the Christmas tree decorated with blue, gold, and white…utilizing the GZ colors was such a fun idea.  Lastly we decided to do a gift for each of our fellow employees.  Typically we do some sort of candy/cookie combination for everyone, but this year we decided to do something a little different.  My fellow Morale Officer had the great idea of turning mason jars into cute little Christmas light decorations.  So we rounded up all the supplies we would need and made one for everyone.  They were very well received and it made us feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Well, I guess that’s all for now. Until next time, happy morale-ing!



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