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Global-Z Webinar: 5 Best Practices for International Contact Data Capture

March 4, 2014

AsiaGlobeIs your business global?

Do you use data capture forms on your website?

Are they optimized for global contact data?

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Watch Global-Z’s first (ever) webinar titled, 5 Best Practices for International Contact Data Capture. Capturing contact data becomes much more difficult to manage on a global scale and we have the experience and expertise to help you become a data capture master!

Our presenter, Marty Shaw, has years of experience helping companies with their global contact data. Marty’s valuable knowledge will surely help your organization identify ways that you can manage all your data, accurately, safely and effectively.

One Response

  1. Charles says:

    This is a very worthwhile subject. The postal world is all agog over the money to be made with e-commerce, and GADA keeps reminding them that they better get their address systems built and the data available if they want to minimize undeliverables and expensive “barely deliverables”. Had to give “the speech” on the subject in several committee meetings at the UPU during the last two weeks. Look for an announcement very soon about a very special, and very important UPU conference on the address in 2015.