~By Katie Favreau & Jennifer Martell, Global-Z Co-Morale Officers

MousesSpring, Spring, wherefore art Thou, Spring?  Well, I don’t know what you’ve done to keep busy this winter, but here at GZ North we have had our mittens full.  For once, even our friends in the South got their fair share of winter.  I am looking forward to sunshine, daffodils, rainbows, butterflies, and unicorns, but I digress.

Many people view change as an intimidating anxiety-creator that only serves to drag them out of a place of comfort and safety and into the squalling vortex of choice between adaptation and death.  I have no idea who these people are, but I have a friend who had a dream about them.  Anyway, in the face of inevitable or mandated change, you can still find ways to use these opportunities for the advancement of your creative genius.

For instance, here at Global-Z, we recently underwent a major equipment cutover that involved all new computers, software, etc.  This left us (temporarily) with an enormous Keyboardpile of now useless equipment, cables, boxes, cords, and various other odds and ends.  What to do, what to do?  My fellow Co-Morale Officer and I decided that it is never too early to start planning for future Christmas events and/or other holiday shenanigans.  We simply could not pass up the veritable wealth of raw crafting materials this newly created pile of junk afforded us.  How better to prepare for our planned “Geek Tree” this Christmas than to make use of all the wonderfully colorful assorted objects in the Monument of Desuetude.

We knew we had to act fast or we would miss this golden opportunity. We popped off all the keys on old keyboards, cut mouse cords to make hanging loops, braided wires for garland, and got out the hot glue gun.  Did you know that you can cut the mouse cord and then tape the end to the cord in a loop that makes it perfect for hanging on a tree?  Well, you can.  We found that glitter glue makes everything look festive regardless of the previous function of the item.  Keyboard keys can be arranged to spell out Christmas greetings or various geek keyboard shortcuts.  Cords with colored ends can also be looped and decorated for hanging.  We have been eyeballing the old fax machine which may soon find itself disassembled and cannibalized for its parts.  You never know what you can create until you dig into things, look beyond the obvious and find the intrinsic beauty in them.  Potential is everywhere, you just have to train your eyes to recognize it wherever it may lurk.

USBOf course, we were also up to our usual mischief with birthdays.  Katie has taken it upon herself to make most of the birthday cakes here at Global-Z, and she has been doing an amazing job.  We find Pinterest to be very helpful for our Morale-ing ideas, and we have become quite adept at re-working various ideas to better suit our needs.  Valentine’s Day came and went very quickly, in fact, it almost took us completely by surprise, but my fellow Officer was on the ball and provided us all with homemade peanut butter fudge and Ninja Turtle valentines.  The fudge was absolutely delicious and who wouldn’t want to be greeted by their favorite “Heroes in a Half Shell” when they come in to work?

Our St. Patty’s Day was way more white than green this year.  It’s hard to think ‘spring’ when all you see is snow.  However, the bright sunshine helps distract you from the bitter cold.  I feel bad for the cute little birds that have begun popping up everywhere.  We look forward to making Easter treats and baskets for our constituents.  Until then, we are going to try to stay comfy and cozy despite the chilly air.  We humbly suggest you do the same.

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