~by Katie Farveau & Jennifer Martell, Global-Z Co-Morele Officers

Well, here we are with summer half gone. Where does the time go these days?  It has certainly been flying by here at GZ.  Since our last update we have been very busy little beavers keeping up with all our Morale-ing.

First up, we had to say our annual farewell to two of our favorite people (Sasha and Leonid Garder) as they headed out for their trip to Spain.  We kept it fairly simple with a pizza party lunch and some cake.  It was a fun party although we were sad to have to say goodbye for the next few months.

Next up, we had the pleasure of welcoming aboard a new member to the GZ team, Jerry Kee.  Jerry lives in Chicago and usually visits us about once a month. Jerry is a great guy and we welcomed him appropriately with a basket full of tasty treats to snack on while spending the week in Bennington for training.  We like Jerry so much that we even try to plan our birthday celebrations around when he is going to be here. I was actually nice enough to just have my birthday fall on one of the days that he was in GZ headquarters (yeah I am very thoughtful, thanks for saying so)!

Besides my birthday, we had a few other birthdays and a bunch of anniversaries in the past couple months.  April was very busy with three birthdays and three anniversaries. Needless to say we had A LOT of cake and ice cream in April.  We had a total of three employees celebrating 10 years with GZ and one with 15 years of service!

Now I’m sure everyone is thinking, “hey isn’t it time for the annual GZ luau too?”  And you would be correct!  We pulled out all the stops once again for a great BBQ lunch party.  Our conference room was transformed into a tropical paradise and just about everyone wore festive attire.  And those that didn’t were at the very least shamed into wearing a lei for the festivities!  We had BBQ’d ribs, ham steaks, grilled pineapple, as well as a slew of side dishes and desserts.  Everyone was stuffed by the end of the party, and I’m sure someone snuck in an afternoon nap at their desk too.

Other than these events we have been keeping very busy with a couple of other projects.  GZ is looking to freshen up the interior of our facility and my fellow Morale Officer and I are leading that project with lots of input from GZ Captain, Dimitri. It’s his company after all so I guess that means he gets a say, although I’m not sure why our idea to permanently keep the conference room luau ready was vetoed. Oh well, you can’t always get everything you want.

Our second special project is helping to plan some fun activities to celebrate GZ’s 25th Anniversary!  That’s right, 25 years of amazing service from your favorite international data quality service company!  Woo Hoo! Go Global-Z!  This of course wouldn’t be possible without the amazing team of people working here and all the wonderful customers we have the privilege to work with.  So a big thanks to everyone! And you are just going to have to wait for our next installment to see what all the fun activities we are planning for the celebration!

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