geek tree~by Katie Favreau & Jennifer Martell, Executive Directors of Cosmetics and Beauty AKA Global-Z Co-Morale Officers

I write this after 2014 has come to a close.

This year marked some rather formidable undertakings here at Global-Z and your friendly neighborhood Co-Morale Officers were here to help make it happen.  We had never before attempted a construction project of this magnitude.  At the beginning, we had a vague idea of what we were trying to accomplish with a general idea of how we wanted things to turn out and limited means to reach our goal.  We formed our plan, making good use of our vast knowledge base and impressive multi-tasking skills.  We planned ahead, we prepared our materials, and we dedicated a large portion of our already busy time to bring together disparate pieces of this project through fastidious project management, mild delegation, and an extremely good design sense.  As the Executive Directors of Cosmetics and Beauty here at GZ, we had to factor in such subjective elements as curb appeal, “wow factor,” and general aesthetics.  We attempted to make the best use of existing space and materials while discarding old and worn equipment and furniture.  We took into consideration the building floor plans, traffic patterns and even the air flow.  We sifted through various color schemes to settle on the overall theme that would be potentially carried forward in further design projects.  We gathered feedback, spent hours in meetings and consultations, and performed great feats of internet research.  All came together in the end and we were very pleased with the final result.  Not everybody is a fan of our work, but we generally ignore critics and do what we like best.  After all that planning, work, and finalization, we accomplished our long-sought-after quest for the Geek Tree.  Yes, many people doubted we could pull it off with such finesse and grace under pressure, but we put the nay-sayers to shame.  The finished product was truly the pinnacle of our creative genius thus far.  We are extremely proud of how it turned out, and we will be hard pressed to top this achievement any time soon.  Thank you to all who made it possible.  We never could have done it without you.

In addition to this decorating feat, we also provided our signature Co-Morale Officer-type treats.  Office Christmas gifts were delivered in the form of hand-made geek ornaments and delightful Christmas bags filled with goodies.  We also delivered a completely renovated conference room, reception area, and brand new meeting space, but that’s kind of anti-climactic when compared to the awesome success of the Geek Tree Project.  These areas have been completely redone and re-organized even though our initial goal was to get the walls a new coat of paint.  All it took was two shades of new paint, new trim, lovely new tile in the new meeting room and the conference room, new gigantic porcelain white boards, new reception area furniture, frosted glass panels, clear glass panels, glass doors, an incredibly beautiful new reception desk, and a partridge in a pear tree to accomplish.  I know, totally boring, but I suppose our readers may enjoy some before and after pictures to look at once you are finished admiring the Geek Tree.  Well, enjoy!

We will continue to plan more shenanigans in the coming months that I’m sure you will want to read about.  Until then, Happy New Year!


Before                                                                       After



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