KatiesBaby~by Jennifer Martell, Global-Z Co-Morale Officer

Well, it’s still cold here in GZ North. We are eagerly awaiting warmer spring weather. It has been a long and brutal winter. I guess it’s good that the snow took its time melting so that we didn’t end up with major flooding. My Co-Morale Officer, Katie selfishly decided to take maternity leave because she had a new baby or whatever, so I have been left to pick up the slack as the Sole Morale Officer. On that note, we want to welcome Baby Kairi Anna to our GZ family! This little bundle of joy is growing fast and is already melting hearts here at Global-Z. So, maybe Katie wasn’t so selfish after all, and she did a great job with Kairi, but I not-so-secretly can’t wait for her to return to work to share in our shenanigans once more.

With my counterpart being out, I have been very busy with all the boring work stuff. However, I did manage to take time to put together Easter treat baggies and distribute them to all the good boys and girls here at GZ. You are never too old to enjoy a bag of Easter candy. Maybe next year we will have time to revive the GZ Easter Egg Hunt that we have done in the past. April is always a challenge because we have several birthdays all in a row which basically boils down to one party a week for several weeks. Let the baking begin! Even though it’s still cold, that doesn’t stop GZ’ers from requesting ice cream cakes and we are up to the challenge. Why wait for warm weather? Ice cream is good any time of year. We also welcomed a new team member Ted, to GZ which required a welcome basket of goodies. Although I used a Hello Kitty bag, I totally made sure it was a blue one.

With the return of spring, we have also seen the return of our crazy robin that nests in the shrubs along the GZ walkway. He loves to defend his nest from the evil GZ invaders and can’t seem to scare away that OTHER robin that appears in the glass door when it’s sunny out. Telling him that we were here first and that he’s attacking his own reflection doesn’t seem to work. Oh well, not much more we can do.   The robin is taking more hits to the face than SCOTT STERLING!  If you don’t get this reference, I suggest you find it on YouTube.  We have lovingly named him “Timmy” after one of our co-workers managed to walk into one of the glass panels at work.  We should probably put some Hello Kitty decals on the panels to make them more obvious.

Well, that’s all for now, folks.  Once the nicer weather hits us, we will be busy planning the GZ luau with pictures to follow.  Until then, be sure to note the actual location of doors and carefully avoid leaving a face print on the glass.

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