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Archive for October, 2015

Global-Z CEO Speaking at UPU Addressing Conference in Switzerland

October 20, 2015

BENNINGTON, VT., October 22nd, 2015 — Global-Z International announced today its CEO and Co-Founder, Dimitri Garder, has accepted an invitation to be a guest speaker at a new Global Addressing Conference hosted by the Universal Postal Union (UPU) in Berne, Switzerland, on October, 26th – 27th during the UPU Council of Administration session. The UPU organized this event with the goal of exploring how to extend access to global address infrastructure. The two-day event will discuss new ways for addresses to be developed and implemented faster and at lower cost, in particular through the use of new technologies. The conference…read more »

My Case for Exhibiting at Trade Shows

October 20, 2015

~ by Marty Shaw, Major Account Executive- Global Solutions The Global-Z team has recently come home from the DMA Boston Conference and Exhibition. While that show is a shadow of its former self as it relates to the number of exhibiting organizations and attendees, I feel that trade shows remain important. Make no mistake, they are relatively costly and organizations must allocate their marketing budget carefully, as much today as ever. As I look back on activity from past conferences it was the DMA San Francisco show in 2010 that cost justifies every DMA show at which we have exhibited…read more »