~ by Marty Shaw, Major Account Executive- Global Solutions

DMA_2015_1 (640x280)The Global-Z team has recently come home from the DMA Boston Conference and Exhibition. While that show is a shadow of its former self as it relates to the number of exhibiting organizations and attendees, I feel that trade shows remain important. Make no mistake, they are relatively costly and organizations must allocate their marketing budget carefully, as much today as ever.

DMA_2015_3 (640x480)As I look back on activity from past conferences it was the DMA San Francisco show in 2010 that cost justifies every DMA show at which we have exhibited since. It was at that show where a prominent database consultant who knows Global-Z well walked over to our booth with a good client of hers in tow. She said “These are the people you need for your international marketing data cleansing!” A great relationship resulted from that introduction and, on top of that, that client has since referred additional business to Global-Z. Business development is all about relationships; forging and cultivating them. Emails, phone calls, Skype video chats and the like, while useful, are no substitute for good old in-person relationship building.

So, we all must surgically spend our marketing dollars, agreed. Let’s not cut out what remains a very key component in relationship building; trade show conferences. On that note, if there are trade shows you believe would be well worth Global-Z’s attention please let us know. The trade show landscape is ever-evolving and your insights would be greatly appreciated!

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