Tree_Topper~by Katie Favreau & Jennifer Martell, Global-Z Co-Morale Officers

We are enjoying unseasonably mild temperatures here at GZ North.  Lately most days have felt like being plunged headfirst into the freshness of spring, kind of.  We anticipate snow in the forecast and maybe it will be here shortly, or not.  Either way, we are saving on the fuel bills this year.  This is good because when it is really cold our “Assistant” refuses to start our cars for us which we think totally defeats the purpose of employing an assistant, but I digress.  We successfully set up our Geek Tree which debuted last year.  Somebody foolishly left a 3 ½ inch drive holder laying around in our suite and it quickly became the new tree-topper.  It may have been there to be repaired, but this just goes to show that you can’t leave stuff on our “crafting table” and expect it to remain un-utilized.  A friendly co-worker decided that the drive holder was missing something and added a power supply fan to top it off.  We appreciate that type of extra effort to add to our decorating Holiday Ballactivities.

We made good use of our crafting table back in the Awesome Room or Production Suite for the un-cool.  Once again we have made extensive use of Pinterest and improved some Christmas ornaments by adding hand-crafted thumbprint reindeer on all sides.  It’s amazing what some craft paint and a Sharpie will do to jazz up plain ornaments.  We try to include a decoration with our Christmas goodie bags, so that our peeps can add them to their treasured Christmas heirlooms, which I am sure happens every time because our creations are so amazing.  Ever trying to remain whimsical, we are including miniature flutes and rubix cubes in the gift bags this year.  We fully expect that our co-workers will practice with the flutes and perform at the company talent show that I am sure will generate tons of interest.  

When not practicing for the flute orchestra, we will also be taking part in our Annual Cookie Swap.  This event is widely participated in and everyone makes such wonderful cookies.  Along with the myriad varieties of cookies that end up circulating the break room, one of our co-workers provides us with homemade peanut butter fudge generously made for us by his lovely wife.  Did I mention that she is so amazingly generous and sweet and we love her peanut butter fudge the best in the whole wide world?  Well, just in case, we seriously love it and look forward to it every year.  We have been training our Chief Marketing Officer to bring us treats when he comes up from Pennsylvania.  So far, he has responded well to our training program.  We appreciate the chocolate and peanut butter candies and coffee creams.  He is learning that we are much more agreeable when people bring us chocolate and/or peanut butter.  You may be sensing a theme, but rest assured, it is entirely coincidental.

I guess that is all we have for an update, since all our snow-based activities are on temporary leave.  Until next time, smile, be friendly to all those around you, and maybe they will bring you treats too.

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