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Archive for February, 2016

The Top 3 Reasons Why Global Data Quality is a PAIN IN THE ASS!

February 10, 2016

~by Paul Harris, Sales & Marketing In the data driven world of global business, it’s never been more important for business to have a single-accurate-view of their customers. In order to sell effectively, your global data quality should be precise. Good data will provide an understanding of your customer’s needs, concerns and challenges.  We call this single accurate view of your customer the “golden master record.” The path to achieving a golden master record database is often not an easy one to pursue. Over and over again, we work with clients that have many challenges with their global database. Many…read more »

Safe-Harbor is now “Privacy Shield”

February 10, 2016

The US Department of Commerce and European Commission issued press releases this week (Tuesday, Feb 2, 2016) that outline some key changes to the EU-US Safe Harbor; now dubbed the “Privacy Shield.”   This agreement replaces Safe Harbor which was declared invalid October 6, 2015. Privacy Shield Summary While the new accord still needs to be reviewed by the Article 29 Working Party and the College of Commissioners, but assuming it remains substantially the same, we can expect the following: More stringent obligations on companies handling Europeans’ personal data and more robust enforcement.  EU individuals will have access to multiple avenues to…read more »