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How to Throw the Best GZ Luau Ever!

September 8, 2016

2016_GlobalZ_Luau~by Jennifer Martell & Katie Favreau, Global-Z Co-Morale Officers

Step One: Convince the company management that the Luau should be made a permanent annual event.  This is accomplished by informing the management that the Luau has been made into a permanent annual event.

Step Two: Obtain funding for said Luau to make it the best GZ Luau ever.  This can be done by gathering quotes for various things such as park admissions, food, drinks, assorted supplies, and items for GZ Swag Bags.  The quotes and estimated final costs are then presented in a tropical themed PowerPoint presentation that plays the “Hawaii Five-O” theme in the background throughout the slideshow.

Step Three: Order stuff.  Spend two weeks haggling with a vendor over proofs for the GZ logo hats we want and then fire them and go with another vendor with no hassle at all.  Assemble Swag Bags that contain new awesome leis, new awesome cups emblazoned with the GZ logo and filled with tasty treats, and a new awesome hassle-free baseball cap tastefully embroidered with the GZ logo and amazingly delivered on-time.  Carefully arrange all this amazing swag in a cute craft paper bag freshly stamped with a brand-new hassle-free GZ Logo rubber stamp.

Step Four: Send GZ’ers on ahead to the park to begin cooking and set-up while everyone remaining at work eagerly awaits noon.  Also have the advance team snag the best location and a bunch of picnic tables.

Step Five: Close down GZ North for the afternoon and head to the Lake.  Breeze by the Park admissions kiosk by mentioning that you’re “on the list.”  Set up your lawn chairs and wait for the beer cooler with baited breath.

Step Six: Sample all of the awesome food lovingly prepared especially for us.  Participate in and/or heckle the various lawn/party games that spontaneously spring up throughout the afternoon.  Dine and imbibe, swim in the lake, laugh and enjoy the best weather possible.  Bask in the company of friends and family.

Step Seven: Clean up before you leave because you were not brought up in a barn (most likely.)

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