International Contact Data Hygiene Services

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History & Expertise

Global-Z is the Benchmark

Global-Z International was founded in 1989 as a database technology company, providing companies with customized sales and marketing database solutions. We recognized the growing need for businesses to promote their products and services internationally. The development of international address databases had always been difficult due to inadequate validation and correction technology, or incomplete postal authority data. We rose to the challenge and became the first company to introduce worldwide address verification and correction solutions.

Some of Global-Z’s niches include:

  • A primary focus on international data processing
  • Real-Time services for our customers (data processed in real-time)
  • High level flexibility and customization of our software
  • Outstanding levels of Customer Service support
  • Promotes and encourages a workplace of cultural diversity
  • Family-owned business with a strong history of employee retention and longevity in the marketplace

We are a pioneer in our market. Our international (i.e., non-US expertise) data processing services are the benchmark in address hygiene, address verification, address standardization, address correction, database management, merge/purge as well as email & phone standardization/validation. With our proprietary software technology, we have created, developed and perfected reliable address processing solutions to meet the demands of the global marketplace.