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Street Names Change for Some of the Best Reasons

~ By Marty Shaw, Director of Sales & Marketing I had the pleasure of meeting Gary Carter in person a number of times growing up in Montreal. As you may know, Gary Carter was an American professional baseball catcher for the Montreal Expos and was named an All-Star 11 times. Whenever our neighborhood was having […]


Playing with Matches

~ by Marty Shaw, Global-Z Director of Sales & Marketing Our parents told each of us growing up to “never play with matches”, right? Sorry to inform the parents of Global-Z’s R&D team… they didn’t listen to you! Each week the GZ team has ongoing training sessions which are often lead by our R&D team. […]

Interview with Simon Daniels: “The Marketing Insight Guy”

  Recently, Global-Z had the unique opportunity to speak with Simon Daniels, Director, Marketing Operations Consulting at Percassity Marketing Data Solutions. Simon is a career-long specialist in marketing data strategy and marketing operations with experience spanning a range of sectors across Europe, North America and the Asia Pacific regions. We hope you enjoy our interview with Simon.   Global-Z- Can […]

Global-Z Announces In-Region Data Processing Capabilities for Asia

BENNINGTON, VERMONT – Global-Z International, a service provider specializing in the processing of international address, phone, and email data for today’s growing global initiatives, announced in-region data processing capabilities for Asia. The newly installed infrastructure is located in Japan and provides Software as a Service (SaaS) access to many companies in Asian markets. “Organizations located in […]

The Challenge of East Asian Writing Systems

In this article the history of Asian writing systems and some of its challenges are discussed. by Brian Reese Oh, East is East, and West is West, and never the twain shall meet. —Rudyard Kipling. Times and cultural attitudes have irrevocably changed since Kipling penned his famous line. In today’s global marketplace, one cannot afford […]

Interview with David Loshin: The Data Revolution

~by Paul Harris Meet David Loshin, president of Knowledge Integrity, Inc. David is a recognized thought leader and expert consultant in the areas of data quality, master data management, and business intelligence (BI). David is a prolific author regarding BI best practices, via the expert channel at www.b-eye-network.com and numerous books and papers on data quality. Recently, Global-Z […]

Best Practices for International Mailings: Address Hygiene

~ by Merry Law, President of WorldVu LLC International address hygiene has different meanings depending on who you ask.  Basically, address hygiene is a series of related services that improve the quality, usefulness, and deliverability of the addresses.  These may include: contact name parsing, standardization, and gender identification duplicate identification and merge/purge address verification and correction […]

Have You Checked Your Country Drop Down Recently?

by Graham Rhind, GRC Database Information  When visiting a data quality software supplier’s site recently to download a white paper, I noticed that the country list on the sign up form didn’t contain South Sudan (which became a new country on 9th July 2011) or the new territories which came into existence when the Netherlands Antilles […]