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Database Marketing Management

In the following case study, see how Global-Z helped an international publisher build a centralized marketing data warehouse…

Industry: Publishing

Solution: Merge/Purge


A large international publishing company sought to consolidate many data sources into a single centrally-located marketing database. The data sources were obtained from a wide range of locations and applications, and in widely varying formats. Complex data relationships within the various source feeds needed to be retained in the final data warehouse.


Using a combination of proprietary merge/purge technology, as well as custom-designed software, we standardized the various data sources and identified duplicate records at the individual, department, company, and enterprise levels, consolidating the information into a single relational database structure.


Over half the names were identified as duplicates within and between the data sources. These were eliminated from the data warehouse, and the associated transactions were merged into the remaining data in order to consolidate marketing activity for the entire database. This provided the publisher with a centralized marketing database accessible to all marketing users within the organization.