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Merge/Purge & Address Hygiene Case Study

In the following case study, see how Global-Z helped Edmund Optics, a manufacturer of optical components including lenses, prisms and filters; improve their ability to update and consolidate mailing records using our Merge/Purge solution…

Industry: Optics and optical components industry

Country Capability: Global

Solution: Merge/Purge & Address Hygiene


Edmund Optics switched to a new ERP database system but the mailing records contained the new and legacy system addresses, making it difficult to target the right customers in a fast and efficient manner.  The customer file contained many duplicate records with address hygiene issues, and additional prospect records were added to the mix.  The mail files contained addresses from more than 60 countries across the globe, and the information needed to be merged and consolidated across all of the regions.  They needed help achieving an accurate view of the data in order to make informed mailing decisions.


Edmund uses Global-Z’s Merge/Purge and Address Hygiene services to help consolidate, standardize, and de-dupe all the data.


Edmund now has a better, more accurate view of the customer and prospect records, prior to mailing.  They receive relevant data reports from Global-Z that help them stay focused on target growth countries, like Mexico and Brazil.  They are able to use address verification reports to help eliminate records that appear undeliverable, and are able to target by list, country, or multi buyer attributes.  Edmund Optics is using the mailing data, post-merge, to update their CRM system so that there is tracking to show which customers were mailed the catalog.