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Postal Presorts

In the following case study, see how Global-Z helped an international publisher save money and greatly improve mail delivery times to Australia…

Industry: Publishing

Country Capability: Asia Pacific

Solution: International Postal Presorts


An international publisher was looking for ways to lower postage costs and improve delivery times on their promotional mailings into Australia.


Global-Z cleaned, de-duplicated and sorted the mailer's data to meet Australia Post's presort requirements. The sorted data was sent electronically to a lettershop located in Australia, who printed, barcoded, and delivered the mail to Australia Post, allowing the mailer to take advantage of lower postage rates and faster delivery times.


The publisher lowered postage costs by 63% for barcoded letter mail and 43% for unbarcoded oversized mail. In addition, delivery times were 4 to 5 times faster than with their previous method. They tested against their previous distribution service to determine whether mailing in-country using a presort would adversely affect response rates. This testing demonstrated that responses did not decrease, and as a result the mailer rolled out the lower cost presort distribution service for all future promotional mailings.