Global Mailer Predictions 2017

Global Mailer Predictions for 2017: Costs, Trade Deals & Drones

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~by Merry Law, President of WorldVu LLC Another year has passed and it's time to dust off my crystal ball to make my global mailer predictions for 2017. It's been quite a year for direct marketers and the marketing landscape is changing rapidly…

EU-U.S. Privacy Shield: Most Frequently Asked Questions

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~by Paul Harris, Global-Z Marketing Manager Are you ready for the new Privacy Shield regulations? The new EU-US agreement is bringing some major changes for American businesses that process European customer data. While many more questions…

Privacy Shield Update: European Commission launches EU-U.S. Privacy Shield

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(Note: This article is an update on our first article about Privacy Shield posted in the February  2016 edition of GZ News.) ~by Paul Harris, Marketing Director On July, 12th 2016 the European Commission (EC) adopted the new EU-U.S. Privacy…
Bad Global Data Habits

Bad Data Habits that Impact ROI in 2017

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~by Katie Favreau, Jennifer Martell & Paul Harris We know good data when we see it, and we also know when it’s not so good. That's why we decided to give you some insight to some of our top "Bad Data Habits" that we see frequently in global…

Global-Z Launches Global Name Standardization Solution

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BENNINGTON, VT.,  April 20th, 2015 — Global-Z International recently launched a new Global Name Standardization Solution that services all countries in the world. The new service is a best-in-class solution that provides valuable information…

Privacy Shield Update: March 2016

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(Note: This article is an update on our first article about Privacy Shield posted in the February  2016 edition of GZ News.) ~By Ted Haas, Global-Z Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) On February 2nd, 2016 the US Department of Commerce and European…
Global Data Quality

The Top 3 Reasons Why Global Data Quality is a PAIN IN THE ASS!

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~by Paul Harris, Sales & Marketing In the data driven world of global business, it’s never been more important for business to have a single-accurate-view of their customers. In order to sell effectively, your global data quality should…

Safe-Harbor is now "Privacy Shield"

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The US Department of Commerce and European Commission issued press releases this week (Tuesday, Feb 2, 2016) that outline some key changes to the EU-US Safe Harbor; now dubbed the “Privacy Shield.”   This agreement replaces Safe Harbor…

What You Should Know About South Korea's New Addressing & Post Code System

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~by Merry Law, President of WorldVu LLC South Korea, in a project lasting for almost 20 years, has completely replaced its address system in the country.  The new address systems organization and logic changed from old addresses based…
Global-Z Team

Global-Z Now Offers US Data Quality Services!

With the addition of US data quality services to our industry leading international services Global-Z now offers one of the best ‘Global” solutions in the market. For the last two decades Global-Z has been the market leader in data processing…