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Interview with Merry Law: Why Correct Addresses are Important

June 3, 2014

~by Paul Harris, Sales and Marketing Assistant Global-Z recently had the opportunity to catch-up with our longtime friend Merry Law. Merry is the President of WorldVu LLC, the editor of the Guide to Worldwide Postal-Code and Address Formats and author of Best Practices for International Mailings. Here are some highlights from our conversation. Global-Z: Why is it so important to for marketers to have good address quality anyway?  Merry: Correct addresses are important in two ways: delivery (of course) and perception. For delivery, a completely incorrect address or one that can’t be understood is not deliverable.   This can mean an invoice, a marketing…read more »

Interview with Geoff Downer: Let Data Do Decision Making

March 4, 2014

~by Paul Harris, Sales & Marketing Assistant Recently Global-Z had the opportunity to speak with Geoff Downer, Director and Co-founder of Insight Stream Ltd, a data-driven marketing service company that specializes in helping clients (especially B2B) enhance and manage complex marketing projects. Geoff works in the United Kingdom and has over 30 years of experience in all aspects of data-driven marketing and the application of marketing automation, bridging marketing and IT. We hope you enjoy our interview with Geoff. Global-Z: You’ve made a career out of data-driven marketing. How do you know that the data you use to enable decisions is…read more »

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Interview with Jeff Couture: Bringing Tech Jobs to Vermont

January 13, 2014

~By Paul Harris, Sales & Marketing Assistant Recently, we had an opportunity to interview Jeff Couture, Executive Director of the Vermont Technology Alliance (vtTA). The vtTA is a business association focused on supporting, promoting and expanding technology companies and jobs in Vermont. Through that role, Jeff has experience in association leadership, organization and membership development, event planning and advocacy. Previously he was a communications manager for IBM, serving at the primary spokesperson for IBM in Vermont.  Global-Z- Why did you start the Vermont Technology Alliance? Jeff- The Vermont Technology Alliance started as the Vermont Software Developers Alliance in 2004. It grew out…read more »

Interview with Gary Palmer: “The Chief Alchemist”

July 22, 2013

              ~By Paul Harris, Sales & Marketing Assistant Recently, Global-Z had the unique opportunity to speak with Gary Palmer, Director of Information Alchemy ltd, an independent marketing information consultancy and services provider which helps organizations take control of their data resource and extract from it maximum value through data-driven marketing and customer insight. Gary works in the United Kingdom, and he has twenty years of experience in getting real business value from data resources. He spoke with us about the impact of bad data quality, information management and the future of data-driven business decision making. We hope…read more »