Canada~by Paul Harris, Sales & Marketing

It’s no surprise that data privacy has become a big concern for many global companies. That’s why Global-Z goes above and beyond to assure your data remains secure and private, while allowing our services to add significant value to your global data.

Canada Post, our partner for providing Canadian National Change of Address (NCOA) services, recently announced some changes to their rules for NCOA processing. These policy changes would have had restricted us from returning some of the valuable fields we normally give to our customers after NCOA processing, specifically the Change of Address Notification (COAN) type and the Record Type fields. When we heard of the new policy change, we began to collaborate with Canada Post in order to reach a solution that will allows us to provide our customers with these valuable fields while keeping the data safe.

“Our relationship with Canada Post is strong,” said Dimitri Garder, Executive VP of Global-Z. “We have successfully worked with Canada Post to create a better solution that fits their need, and fits the best interest of our customers.”

“It’s predictable that many data vendors will change policies in the future,“ stated Doug Robinson, Global-Z’s Chief Technology Officer.  “Our job is to look out for everyone’s best interest as best we can.”

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