BENNINGTON, VT., October 22nd, 2015 — Global-Z International announced today its CEO and Co-Founder, Dimitri Garder, has accepted an invitation to be a guest speaker at a new Global Addressing Conference hosted by the Universal Postal Union (UPU) in Berne, Switzerland, on October, 26th – 27th during the UPU Council of Administration session.

The UPU organized this event with the goal of exploring how to extend access to global address infrastructure. The two-day event will discuss new ways for addresses to be developed and implemented faster and at lower cost, in particular through the use of new technologies.

The conference schedule:

  • Day 1: Will focus on illustrating the economic and social value of address infrastructure; as well as on reviewing innovative solutions and tools that facilitate address management and access to spatial information.
  • Day 2: Will be devoted to building capacities through a hands-on session, focused on real examples of up-to-date, user-friendly addressing system models

“I’m excited to be part of this important discussion,” said Dimitri Garder, Global-Z CEO.          “We are happy to share our 25+years’ experience helping companies improve global address databases and location technologies. Global address access and quality are becoming increasing more important for economic growth as the world markets become more interdependent.”

About Global-Z International

Global-Z International was founded in 1989 focused on improving customer data quality and intelligence in global markets.  Today Global-Z serves some of the largest global enterprises with customized international data quality solutions for their marketing, customer relationship and master data management needs.

Global-Z International, Inc., is headquartered in Bennington, Vermont with offices and operations in the US, Canada and Japan.

For more information, please contact Paul Harris at:

+1.802.445.1011 Ext. 215 Phone

+1.802.445.1016 Fax

pharris [at] globalz [dot] com


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