Japan_FlagGlobal-Z International recently announced its brand new name gender assignment capabilities for the country of Japan. The new gender assignment technology is a best-in-class solution that provides valuable information to businesses who manage Japanese customer data. Global-Z’s service will identify, with a high rate of accuracy, the gender of all records in Japanese datasets.

At the core of Global-Z’s Japan Gender assignment technology is a new name database that contains millions of gender-identified name records. This dataset, along with Global-Z’s proprietary matching technology, improves accuracy and match rates during a database cleanse and helps identify who is male and who is female.

“Nobody in the market has a better Japan gender service,” said Ed Barbeau, Global-Z’s VP of Operations. “This service gives our clients the valuable insight needed to better understand the gender demographics of their Japan data. That kind of knowledge is powerful for any global marketer or company who focuses on the importance of data quality.”

Barbeau stated that this new service is quick and easy for brand new clients to set up. If existing customers are interested, the launch will require minor to no changes in their application protocol interface (API).

Global-Z’s Japan Gender cleansing service processes data in both Kanji and Katakana language sets, a valuable feature that enables the solution to cover the entire Japanese population.

“This is a one-of-its-kind solution for the Japan market,” Barbeau added. “It’s the kind of innovation that our clients expect from the leader in the global contact data quality market.”

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