Light has indeed been shining on Greece in the news a significant amount in recent months. Not all of the news has been favorable; from rolling labor union strikes to the International Monetary Fund and Eurozone governments providing Greece emergency short- and medium-term loans worth $147 billion so that the country could make debt repayments to creditors (source: World Factbook).

Not all the news out of Greece is cast in this negative light. A number of Global-Z clients have been seeing significant growth and opportunity in this important Southern European market so they came to us for help. As client demand calls for research and development into markets for which Global-Z was previously providing formatting only (i.e., not address validation) we listen. The result? We now have a Greece module thanks to our hard-working R&D team. That is, not only can we format postal data to the standards of the Greek postal authority-Hellenic Post-but much more.

Here are the main features of the new Global-Z Greece module:

  • The new module supports address validation and correction on both Roman-text (English) and Greek-text names and addresses (ονόματα και τις διευθύνσεις).
  • Global-Z’s proprietary software utilizes up-to-date data containing 1,200 postcodes, 11,000 towns, cities and districts, and over 13,000 streets and building number ranges in the largest towns and cities in the country.
  • New capabilities also include name parsing, genderization, phone and email standardization.

While results vary from data set to data set, validation rates can be expected to be in the 75% plus range. Currently street-level data are available for the largest towns and cities.

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