~ by Marty Shaw, Global-Z Director of Sales & Marketing

Our parents told each of us growing up to “never play with matches”, right? Sorry to inform the parents of Global-Z’s R&D team… they didn’t listen to you!

Each week the GZ team has ongoing training sessions which are often lead by our R&D team. Recently we have been focusing the training on our data matching services. As we go through the training it becomes evident very quickly how much the GZ R&D team likes playing with matches! “Here’s what happens when you include the phone number along with the address in the match.”, “Look when you then add the email address.” As they play with matches during our interactive training we see first hand how our clients’ varying use cases for data quality matching often necessitate the fine-tuning of the business rules to optimize the match results. The granularity of the match rules we incorporate into our services often necessitate different rules not only from one company to the next, but even within a company our clients benefit from inter-departmental match logic differences. What the team in the IT department considers a match may not necessarily be the same for the Marketing department.

Fortunately for the GZ Sales team… and more importantly for our clients… all this “data quality pyrotechnics” proves very beneficial. Keep playing with those matches, R&D team!

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