Canada_flagBENNINGTON, VT., September 10, 2015 — Global-Z International today announced a (GZ_Can2.0 NCOA) new service to help businesses comply with sweeping revisions to the National Change of Address (NCOA) program, slated to take effect Jan. 1, 2016.

As a leading mail service provider for Canada Post, Global-Z works with clients engaged in large-scale data stores used for marketing and other direct mail activity. Global-Z cross-checks a client’s databases against the millions of entries in the NCOA database, modifying or purging incorrect addresses. Using these NCOA-updated lists, Global-Z clients see faster delivery times, better penetration and lower costs associated with undeliverable mail.

Under the new provisions, a company can no longer receive an NCOA “internal” license for its own use. Canada Post will provide NCOA data only to authorized service bureaus, of which Global-Z is among the largest and best-established. “No one is better equipped to support internal Canada NCOA licensees as they implement and integrate these policy changes,” said Ted Haas, Global-Z Chief Marketing Officer.

Largely in response to privacy concerns, the regulations will also require companies to register for the NCOA program and comply with Terms of Use (“Schedule A”) provisions via an internet portal. The new service from Global-Z will fully manage this online process on behalf of clients, guaranteeing compliance by the Jan. 1st deadline.

“We’ll help get our clients confidently in step with the new regulations and back to their day-to-day business without any hassle or disruption,” said Haas.


About Global-Z International

Global-Z International was founded in 1989 as a data quality technology leader, focused on serving the growing need for businesses to improve customer data quality and gain critical insights and intelligence in global markets.   Global-Z has become a market leader in its field, and was one of the first companies to introduce worldwide address verification and correction solutions to the marketplace. Today Global-Z serves some of the largest global enterprises with customized international data cleansing solutions for their marketing, customer relationship management and master data management needs.

Global-Z International, Inc., is headquartered in Bennington, Vermont with offices and operations in the US, Canada and Japan.

For more information, please contact Paul Harris at:

+1.802.445.1011 Ext. 215 Phone

+1.802.445.1016 Fax

pharris [at] globalz [dot] com

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