~by Marty Shaw, Global-Z Director of Sales & Marketing

I had the great pleasure of meeting my favorite marketing guru, Seth Godin, in person at the inaugural Integrated Marketing Week (IM Week) last month. He was the keynote speaker kicking off the event. I was fortunate enough to have him sign his new book for me; V Is for Vulnerable: Life Outside the Comfort Zone“A full-color ABC book for grown-ups, with a powerful message about doing great work”. During his lively presentation Seth certainly did not let any attendees down, providing insight and advice on how to navigate what he refers to as the new “connection economy”.

I have written a number of reviews of Seth’s other best selling books and what I’m so often left with in reading his books, and now having seen him present live, are his memorable quotes that inspire and leave you thinking about them long after. During Seth’s IM Week presentation, he said a few quotes that were particularly thought provoking for me:

  • “Fly close to the sun”, in line with another often-quoted expression he uses; “safe is risky”.
  • “We have to continually be jumping off cliffs and developing our wings on the way down.” This Kurt Vonnegut quote highlights the risks that Seth encourages each of us to take within and outside our lives as marketers.
  • “Anticipated, personal & relevant communication” were the terms he used to help guide us as thoughtful marketers; the wings, if you will, which will help each of us succeed.
  • “Are you going to matter, not just succeed?” Yeah, that was a real big thought-provoking question! If what we do doesn’t matter, why are we doing it?

Seth maintains that what we all need is “grit” to succeed in the new connection economy. This reminded me of a TED Talk I recently watched presented by Angela Lee Duckworth; “The key to success? Grit”. I encourage you to watch it. I think Seth & Angela are onto something.

Seth’s presentation ran about 50 minutes and my brief synopsis does it little justice. Read his books, his blog, and meet him in person if you can. I’m confident you will be glad you did. If you know his work already please leave comments below, or even if you don’t know Seth’s work I’m interested in your thoughts on these points I have mentioned.

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