International Contact Data Hygiene Services

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Let Us Be Your Global Merge/Purge Solution

Global-Z provides the most accurate International Merge/Purge solutions in the industry

Benefit from:

  • Reduced costs for printing and postage
  • Eliminated wasted printing and postage
  • Improved targeting and response tracking
  • Improved ROI
  • Improved company image by marketing with each country’s unique address format.


Global-Z provides you with:

  • Reliable and targeted multinational lists from your house and prospect data.
  • Address standardization combined with our proprietary pattern recognition technology to identify duplicates.
  • Removal of unwanted addresses.
  • Sensitivity to any suppression data — any unwanted countries, territories or contacts will be carefully removed from your marketing campaign.

Control Costs 
Duplicate names represent one of the most significant controllable costs in any direct marketing campaign, particularly for global marketing efforts. In addition, the tremendous growth of collecting data online has greatly increased duplication rates.