BENNINGTON, VERMONT – Global-Z International, a service provider specializing in the processing of international address, phone, and email data for today’s growing global initiatives, announced in-region data processing capabilities for Asia. The newly installed infrastructure is located in Japan and provides Software as a Service (SaaS) access to many companies in Asian markets.

“Organizations located in Asia with data quality needs can now benefit from Global-Z’s processing capabilities without their data ever leaving the region,” stated Dimitri Garder, Executive Vice President of Global-Z.

Edward Barbeau, Global-Z’s Vice President of Operations added, “While Global-Z has been providing global data quality services for over the past two decades, many organizations outside of the United States have not been able to benefit from our offerings due to the requirement for their data to remain in-country.  As organizations collect and analyze their data assets, the need for global data quality services will continue to be an integral component of this process.  By adding processing infrastructure in-region for Asia, organizations will now be able to utilize our data quality services in their data quality management and marketing initiatives.”

About Global-Z International, Inc.

Global-Z International, Inc. is a global data processing service bureau in operation since 1989. The company services clients in the catalog, publishing, financial services, travel & entertainment, telecommunications, technology, and retail sectors. Its clients include many leading international marketing firms located throughout the world. If you would like to learn more about our new in-region data processing capabilities for Asia please Contact Us.

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