Canada_flagBENNINGTON, VERMONT- Global-Z International, a service provider specializing in the data hygiene of name and address data for global database owners recently announced the opening of new business entity in Canada, Global Data Quality Solutions Inc. (GDQS). GDQS is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Global-Z located in the province of New Brunswick, Canada.

GDQS was originated from a new requirement issued by Canada Post that became effective in January 2014. Canada Post’s requirement mandates all Canada National Change of Address (CNCOA) service providers and licensees must maintain a legal entity in Canada, and all CNCOA service operations must be performed in Canada. This regulation is intended to protect the security of Canada’s NCOA database by limiting access to that data from within the country.

“NCOA providers may transfer customer data to and from Canada for processing, so we don’t expect any service disruption to our customers, but the NCOA database itself must reside in Canada” stated Dimitri Garder, Executive Vice President of Global-Z. “We created GDQS in order to comply with the requirements without any interruption to the high level of services that our customers have come to expect from Global-Z.”

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About Global Data Quality Solutions Inc. (GDQS)

GDQS is a data hygiene service provider that performs Canada National Change of Address (CNCOA) processing services for global database owners. GDQS is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Global-Z International Inc.

About Global-Z International

Global-Z International Inc. is an international contact data hygiene service provider in operation since 1989. The company services clients in the catalog, publishing, travel and entertainment, telecommunications, technology and retail sectors amongst others. Its clients include many leading global database owners located throughout the world.

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