Need to determine a geographic coordinate from another geographic identifier, such as a physical address?  Global-Z’s Geocoding solution analyzes physical address information and appends latitude and longitude (LAT/LON) identifiers, allowing you to pinpoint the precise location of your customers, prospects or assets.  In addition, our Address Verification Service cleans up outdated or inaccurate address information.  After cleaning and standardizing the addresses, Geocoding match rates are significantly improved.

Global-Z’s Geocoding append solution is flexible and can be accessed in several ways.  Our Geocoding solution can be integrated seamlessly with Global-Z’s RealTime™ Batch and API Hygiene Services, providing fully automated data cleaning and appending in a realtime environment.  For users not configured to interface with automated systems, Global-Z can provide Geocoding appends on any database through our Service Bureau.


Global-Z’s Geocoding append service supports applications that require geographic identification of an international address, including:

  • Customer and prospect location identification
  • Customer database geographical analysis
  • Targeted geographical marketing, e.g. seasonality targeting or radius targeting relative to one or more retail locations
  • Asset location tracking and identification
  • Reduction of transportation and logistics costs through distribution analysis
  • Sales force optimization
  • Risk analysis
  • Any other application requiring geographical identification of a physical address