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Email Standardization


Global-Z’s Email Standardization solution offers you an opportunity to validate and cleanse your global email data. Our service will parse and test your data for format validity against the standard (RFC 2822). Email Standardization can result in:

  • Improved Matching
  • Improved email delivery
  • Lower percentage of undeliverable email addresses
  • Greater ability to target specific customers to your products and services
  • Increased ROI

Email Standardization Solution

Our global Email Standardization solution corrects emails and identifies undeliverable addresses, identifying and correcting common top-level domain name misspellings.

Email Address Validation Scores

Global-Z will review your email data and assign each email address a validation score. After we verify your emails you will receive a comprehensive report. The email validation score is formatted as a 5-character score, where it rates your data based on the validity of the email address.