International Contact Data Hygiene Services

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Having an accurate, single view of your data is key to your success. With an ever-growing number of data sources impacting your information assets it is crucial you have a partner in your corner that has the expertise to help you effectively manage your data, limiting costs and increasing your ROI. Global-Z is that partner you can rely on; intelligently identifying relationships between different data, optimizing your data quality.

Our Matching solution can help you reduce duplication in your data, resulting in:

  • Improved CRM/CDI management
  • Improved targeting and response tracking
  • Improved ROI
  • Improved company image

Global-Z has been helping organizations, from Fortune 50 to SMBs, bring disparate data sets together in a consolidated, accurate view of their critical international name & contact information. More than two decades of success helping our clients can benefit you and your organization as well.

Our proprietary pattern recognition logic identifies duplicates, which has proven to be more effective on international contact data than traditional domestic match key methods. Making the link across multiple data sets in varied systems, applying project-specific business rules, is our core expertise, increasing your profitability and customer satisfaction.

A unified view of your customer and prospect data is just a call away.  Contact us today for a free audit of your data.