International Contact Data Hygiene Services

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Software as a Service


Global-Z’s RealTime™ Software as a Service (SaaS) Contact Data Cleansing solution is at the core of our unique data management technology and we offer it to you around the clock and around the calendar. Our SaaS solution can be integrated into any application that requires verification, standardization or correction of an international address, including:

  • eCommerce applications requiring real-time global address validation
  • Internet or Intranet-based data capture interfaces or data collection tools
  • CRM databases, CDI applications, or global data warehouse applications
  • Backend database validation or cleansing processes
  • Any other application requiring real-time global address cleansing

The Service

Global-Z’s RealTime™ SaaS solution can be configured in a number of different ways, depending on your requirements. We currently support two different methods of data transfer:

  1. Batch processing via (S)FTP: Our system regularly polls for files, and any new files are retrieved, processed and returned to the appropriate location.
  2. Record-by-record, on-demand real-time processing: Data transfer is session-based, configured to accept single-record feeds.

How it Works

Global-Z’s SaaS solution is an automated remotely-hosted file-oriented interface that provides users with a high-end, real-time batch automated global contact data validation and standardization solution. It work in two easy steps…

  1. You send your data to Global-Z
  2. We send standardized, cleansed data back to you

What happens behind the scenes

  1. You generate a properly formatted data stream
  2. You send your data stream via an HTTPS post
  3. We receive your data
  4. We read the data stream from input
  5. We process the data
  6. We export the results into a properly formatted data structure
  7. We return the data stream to you
  8. You receive the resulting processed data
  9. You verify and process the data stream

Global-Z will provide a monthly processing summary report indicating the number of addresses submitted and processed. We can provide samples of these reports for your reference.

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