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Address Hygiene


Undeliverable addresses cost money, and when your reach is global, the challenge is even greater to make sure your pieces arrive when and where you expect them to. Address Hygiene (also referred to as Address Standardization) is at the core of our unique data management technology. Our process determines the accuracy of an address, and whether it’s correctable. It then corrects addresses and formats them to the unique requirements of each country’s postal system, giving you:

  • Improved mail delivery
  • Lower costs due to fewer undeliverable returns
  • The ability to presort mail in order to obtain lower postage rates
  • The ability to analyze your data down to a localized geographic area
  • Improved image for your company
  • Increased ROI

The Service

Our International Address Hygiene/International Address Standardization service corrects addresses and formats them to the unique requirements of each country’s postal system and cultural standards. We obtain full postal code databases directly from the source — the postal authorities of each country. We also maintain continual contact with them to ensure our information is up to date and accurate.

Address Quality Codes

Our proprietary Address Quality Code is assigned to every address processed. The code indicates the accuracy of the address, specifies whether or not the address could be corrected, and classifies the address as deliverable, undeliverable or uncorrectable. This allows pinpoint accuracy in determining which addresses can be successfully delivered to your prospects.

Address Localization & Transliteration

We are the only service bureau that can combine your local language and English-character lists in the same merge/purge, allowing for duplicate removal across different list types. In addition, we can localize address spellings, formats, and diacritics or accent characters, giving your lists greater consistency and accuracy.

Marketing to Asia-Pacific offers unique challenges, in particular the need to communicate with customers in their own mode of writing. We provide address correction services for local language lists, as well as transliteration (translation) between local and English language data. We support all standard multi-byte encoding systems, including 16-bit and 32-bit Unicode and UTF-8, as well as country-specific encoding systems such as JIS, Shift-JIS, EUC, and Half-Width Katakana for  Japanese contact data, GB in China, Big Five in Taiwan, and KS in South Korea.

Interested in learning more about international address hygiene? See our blog post Best Practices for International Mailings: Address Hygiene or contact Global-Z directly with your questions.