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Canada Geocoding


Global-Z’s Canada Geocoding append service supports applications that require geographic identification of a Canadian postal address, benefiting your business or organization with:

  • Customer and prospect location identification;
  • Customer database geographical analysis;
  • Targeted geographical marketing (e.g. seasonality targeting or radius targeting relative to one or more retail locations);
  • Asset location tracking and identification;
  • Reduction of transportation and logistics costs through distribution analysis;
  • Sales force optimization;
  • Risk analysis;
  • Any other application requiring geographical identification of a physical address in Canada.

The Service

Varying depending on the location within Canada (e.g., urban, rural), resolution of geo-specific targeting data is available down to the individual premise locations, identifying the precise location of the address. Building or house number ranges on a given street are also available, with geocodes identifying the end points of an address range on the given street, depending on the locale. In some regions the postal codes or the centroid (approximate geometric center) of the postal code area identify the geo-specific data point. Your Global-Z representative will help you determine how best to optimize Canada Geocoding services to cost effectively meet your project objectives.

How it Works

Providing a valid Canada postal code Global-Z will determine a geocode identifier (Latitude / Longitude [LAT/LON]) at the postal code level. If a valid postal code is not available, the full address may be used to determine the correct postal address, city, town, or province. Full address data will often result in a higher-resolution geocode match, such as a street name or premise level identifier in Canada.

Global-Z’s processed output geocode data will provide you with a ten-level, record-specific resultion code, allowing you to apply the geocode append results back to your data source with confidence in meeting your application needs.

With the option of having the cleaned and standardized address supplied back with the returned data you can benefit from our International Address Hygiene/International Address Standardization service which corrects addresses and formats them to the unique requirements of Canada Post.

Contact Us to discuss your specific technical and project objectives and consider conducting a free test to let the data demonstrate how well it can hit the spot.