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United Kingdom Geocoding


With the ever-increasing need to identify the physical location of people, places and things, your mapping, navigation and a host of other line-of-business applications focusing on the UK can now benefit from Global-Z’s UK Geocoding Services to benefit your marketing, sales and logistical needs such as:

  • Pinpoint prospects and customers with targeted marketing campaigns;
  • Geographic Information System (GIS) analyses aiding your interactive queries, spatial information analyses, data edits, maps and the like;
  • Help customers find you via store/asset location identification;
  • Minimize transportation costs through distribution analysis;
  • Sales force optimization: identifying sales territories to specific geography with ease;
  • Catastrophe risk analysis: helping businesses (e.g., insurance underwriters) identify locations to help absorb losses and avoid financial distress.

The Service

Global-Z’s UK Geocoding Service allows you to link geographic data for all known postcodes in the UK, linking a record-specific grid reference (100 meter resolution) and latitude/longitude (LAT/LON) reference to each address which matches to the Royal Mail postal address file (PAF).

Appending this valuable geocode data may be maximized first through our International Address Hygiene/International Address Standardization service which corrects addresses and formats them to the unique requirements of Royal Mail. We obtain full postal code databases directly from Royal Mail, including current grid reference data. We also maintain continual contact with them to ensure our information is up to date and accurate.

How it Works

LAT/LON and distance calculations are appended at 100 meter resolution to your UK postal address data. Higher resolution data is available, however most applications benefit from 100m resolution.

Distances are based on the southwest corner of the postcode area, rather than an exact address location, based on how reference data is provided by Royal Mail. As a result, very short distances are typically accurate to within a mile or two, depending on the size of the postcode area.

Distances between Northern Ireland and mainland UK addresses are accurate to within approximately 10 miles. This is because the Ireland Grid system is a completely different system than the UK National Grid. This accuracy is enhanced using latitude and longitude conversion through Global-Z.

Some postcode areas do not support distance calculations, specifically PO boxes, Isle of Man, Jersey, or Guernsey.

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