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Duplicate names represent one of the most significant controllable costs in any direct marketing campaign, particularly for global marketing efforts. In addition, the tremendous growth of collecting data online has greatly increased duplication rates. Our Merge/Purge solution can help you reduce mailing duplication, resulting in:

  • Reduced costs for printing and postage
  • Eliminated wasted printing and postage
  • Improved targeting and response tracking
  • Improved ROI
  • Improved company image

We’ve developed merge/purge technology that is specifically designed to work with each country’s unique address format. Our software uses proprietary Pattern Recognition logic to identify duplicates, which has proven to be more effective on international lists than traditional domestic match key methods. Mailers can merge data from duplicate names into a single record, and purge unwanted duplicates from their files.

How it Works

Our merge/purge technology takes into account the many language and cultural idiosyncrasies of multinational data. For instance, it’s the custom in most Spanish-speaking countries to have multiple last names. Also, in many areas of the world name inversion is common — an individual whose name is Kaoko Koyama may appear in another list as Koyama Kaoko. In Mexico, the street address “Rua 5 de Mayo” can also appear as “Rua Cinco de Mayo”. By utilizing address standardization in combination with Pattern Recognition, we have developed the most powerful and flexible merge/purge technology on the market, which can save you thousands of dollars.

Consumer and B-to-B

Our expertise lies in both Consumer and Business-to-Business marketing. Our proprietary technology identifies duplicates at an individual, household and company level, so mailers can customize their marketing selections to target the most profitable companies and individuals.

Mail Preference and Suppression Files

We can utilize your Do-Not-Promote, Nixie or Suppression files in the merge/purge process, allowing you to selectively eliminate individuals or companies from your direct marketing campaigns. We also offer international Mail Preference Files, containing deceased and do-not-promote names obtained from foreign mail preference services.

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Global-Z provides the most accurate International Merge/Purge services in the industry to give you reliable and targeted multinational lists. Please Contact Us to learn more about our Merge/Purge solution.