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UK NCOA Update


Global-Z matches your customer databases against the NCOA File, and can:

  • Keep track of your valuable customers.
  • Permanently update any matching records on your customer database with the new address information (permitted for customer records only).
  • Enhance database accuracy.
  • Make your UK mail campaigns more cost effective.

The Service

The UK National Change of Address (NCOA) database contains information on individuals and families in the UK who have registered a change of address with Royal Mail. The database allows marketers to identify movers on their database, and update the database with the movers’ new address information. The NCOA database is the official movers database for the UK market, and is licensed directly from Royal Mail (the UK’s official postal bureau). The database contains information reported directly to Royal Mail by individuals and families who change address.

According to Royal Mail, 10% of UK individuals move each year. Royal Mail estimates that even the most basic direct mail campaign can cost as much as £0.45 ($0.70) per mail piece. The identification and updating of individuals and families who have moved to a new address is critical to ensure that marketing dollars are spent most cost-effectively.


 How It Works

The NCOA File contains data obtained directly from Royal Mail redirection applications. Royal Mail provides a Redirection Service to members of the public who wish to have mail which is addressed to them forwarded to a new address. To apply for this service, customers complete an application form including details of their name, old address and new address. Redirection applications can also be completed over the phone or online. All applications are ID verified for security purposes, which means that the data is extremely accurate.

The NCOA database contains 20 million records (as of February 2010), and is updated monthly. Approximately 117,000 new names are added to the database each month.

For marketers looking to permanently update their customer databases with new address information for NCOA movers, there are numerous NCOA flags which may be returned along with the matches and can be permanently appended to your database.

Just Need to Suppress?

The NCOA database contains only those movers who have given Royal Mail permission to release their personal information, which accounts for 60% of all redirection applications. For the remaining 40% of movers who have not given permission to release their personal information, marketers may still suppress these movers from their database by utilizing the Royal Mail NCOA Suppress. Please contact your Global-Z representative for more information about the Royal Mail Suppress service.

Global-Z is an official Royal Mail licensee for NCOA, as well as an official licensee of PAF, Postzon, Mailsort, and the Royal Mail NCOA Suppress service.

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