Each year, many millions of consumers and businesses change addresses. Marketers who do not keep up with these address changes end up wasting resources by sending mail that will not be delivered. Global-Z ‘s NCOA solution allows you to identify customers who have moved, and to update your database with the customers’ new address information. NCOA is a mail list management tool, resulting in:

  • Reduced list maintenance costs
  • Improved mail deliverability
  • Reduced mail delivery time
  • Reduced mailing cost
  • Optimized mailing profitability

Country Capabilities

Global-Z currently offers NCOA services for 15 countries, as detailed in the table below, listed in order of largest population first. Please review our Canadian NCOA and UK NCOA solutions for more information specific to Global-Z’s Canadian and United Kingdom NCOA services.

Country Population (MM) Annual Movers (MM) NCOA Database Size (MM)
Germany 82.3 8 9.5
France 64 6.4 5
UK 61 6.1 20
Italy 58 1.5 3.7
Canada 33.5 1.7 5
Australia 21.3 3 7
Netherlands 16.7 1.3 15
Belgium 10.4 1 5.5
Sweden 9 1.4 9
Austria 8.2 0.7 2.5
Switzerland 7.6 0.7 11
Denmark 5.5 0.8 2.2
Finland 5.3 1.1 5.3
Norway 4.7 0.6 3.3

The Service

The source of the NCOA service is a database containing mail redirection information filed by relocating postal customers with their local post office. We match your customer database against the NCOA database using the name and address. When a customer’s information matches the information on the NCOA database, the customer is flagged on your database as having moved to a new address. For any consenting individuals the new address information is provided back to you so that you can update your database with the new address.

How it Works

For the best results, address verification and correction is performed on your contact data first. We analyze and parse each address, and match the address elements against the postal authority data for the destination country. For elements that are missing, misspelled or incorrect, the software inserts or corrects the information.

Once address verification and correction is completed, the address is matched against the NCOA database, allowing old addresses to be identified and eliminated, and the new addresses to be provided back to you for update on your database.

For more specific information about our NCOA Services, please Contact Us.