Business often demands access to resources on an as-needed, immediate basis. Global commerce demands 24x7x365 responsiveness. This demand was the genesis of Global-Z’s award winning* online global address standardization service.

In real-time, our process determines the accuracy of an address, and whether it’s correctable. It then corrects addresses and formats them to the unique requirements of each country’s postal system, giving you:

  • Support for both single-byte and multi-byte name and address data (e.g., Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Cyrillic and other non-Western alphabets.)
  • Immediate access to accurate global address data
  • Flexibility of on-demand single- and/or batch-record processing
  • Improved mail delivery
  • Lower costs due to fewer undeliverable returns
  • Improved image for your company
  • Increased ROI

The Service

Global-Z’s RealTime™ Enhanced Global Address Cleansing system can be configured in a number of different ways, depending on your requirements. We currently support two different methods of data transfer:

  1. Batch processing via file transfer: Our system regularly polls for files, and any new files are retrieved, processed and returned to the appropriate location.
  2. Record-by-record, on-demand real-time processing via internet transfer: Data transfer is session-based, configured to accept single-record feeds.

Global-Z’s RealTime™ solution provides marketers & database owners with a fast, cost-effective way to process, clean and standardize international address files of any size and at any frequency, and utilizes Global-Z’s superior proprietary international address hygiene technology.

How it Works

In real-time, our proprietary software analyzes and parses each address, and matches the address elements against the postal authority data for the destination country. If elements are missing, misspelled or incorrect, the software inserts or corrects the information, including postal codes. Once this has been done, the address is reconstructed according to the postal authority databases.

Two easy steps…

  1. You send your data to Global-Z;
  2. We send standardized, cleansed data back to you.

Global-Z will provide a monthly processing summary report indicating the number of addresses submitted and processed. We can provide samples of these reports for your reference.

Address Quality Codes

Our proprietary Address Quality Code is assigned to every address processed. The code indicates the accuracy of the address, specifies whether or not the address could be corrected, and classifies the address as deliverable, undeliverable or uncorrectable. This allows pinpoint accuracy in determining which addresses can be successfully delivered to your prospects.

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*2009 US DMA Future Innovators Award winner
*2006 DM Business New Product Award winner for Data Integrity and Accuracy