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Our Process

At Global-Z, our process is adjustable to fit your needs. We value our clients and offer high-levels of customer service. Your international contact data and direct marketing needs and goals are unique, so suggesting a cookie-cutter process would provide little-to-no benefit to your individual needs. With this in mind, the following are some high level, common areas to explore together early in our discussions:

What are the key drivers and goals in the following areas?

  • Business objectives (e.g., direct marketing campaigns, database consolidation)
  • Technical objectives (e.g., application integration, SOA requirements)

How It Works

Global-Z specializes in both real-time automated interfaces available 24x7x365 as well as project-specific data processing managed by our Account Management team during regular business hours (US EST), so we likely have solutions that fit your needs given the breadth of offerings we provide. To get started, it is helpful to know the following so we can provide a proposal targeted for your requirements:

  • Volume: How many records (e.g., names / addresses / email / phone numbers) require processing (Note: addresses must be non-US, international addresses, as Global-Z does not currently process USPS data)?
  • Frequency: Does the data you have for processing represent the total for one-time processing, or is this a subset of the data? If a subset, what is the anticipated annual volume & frequency
  • Roman/Western and/or Local Language: Do the addresses represent all Roman data? That is, are any of the addresses multi-byte/local language data (e.g., Japanese katakana, etc.)? Global-Z has expertise in both Roman and local language data processing.
  • Country-specific volume breakdown: What countries are represented in the data set you have and/or anticipate obtaining in the foreseeable future? Does the data set span the entire globe or is there a select list of countries for which you require postal address processing?
  • Format: In what format is the data? Will the data be provided in a single file? If multiple files, are they one consistent format?

Answering these and a number of your own questions about Global-Z, we will be better prepared to recommend either one or both of our service delivery channels; RealTime & Service Bureau.

The following are some of the processes to expect, with more details to be provided specific to your needs, of course.

RealTime System Testing / Deployment Process

We recommend that prior to production implementation, several phases of testing be performed to ensure that both sides of the interface are functioning as designed. Following are the testing steps that we recommend prior to production launch:

  • Quote approval
  • Service Agreement finalized
  • Initial Data Audit
  • Mapping Audit
  • Interface Test
  • Interface Acceptance
  • User Acceptance Testing
  • User Acceptance and Deployment

Service Bureau Customer Process

Our Customer Service Account Managers are extremely well trained in helping manage your needs and expectations to achieve the results you are looking for. The following is an overview of what to expect when working with our Service Bureau team:

  • Quote approval
  • Service Agreement finalized
  • Dedicated Account Manager assignment
  • Data Specialist data review
  • Specifications finalized
  • Lead time estimate
  • Data output and associated reporting
  • Data review teleconference

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