~ by Jennifer Martell and Katie Favreau, Global-Z Co-Morale Officers

For our next installment we would like to start by answering a few questions we’re sure you have all been wondering.

Do you have to be an official Co-Morale Officer to plan fun events?  The answer is no, not at all! And the perfect example of this is the three wonderful ladies we have in our Customer Service Department.  For several years they have been organizing the GZ Cookie Swap.  And let me tell you there is nothing like cookies to raise morale!  So the Morale Officers would like to take this opportunity to personally thank our Customer Service team for taking the reins on this every year and officially make them honorary morale officers.

The next question we would like to answer is how do we fund all our awesome activities? While we are more than happy to fund the fun from our own pockets, we have also had several co-workers make donations to the “fun fund”.  We recently started a fundraising venture with the “Production Jumbotron”.  We upcycled some packing material from our new printer into a tower complete with jumbotron area. We then “sold” advertising space to any co-worker interested in having their ad displayed in our office suite.  Surprisingly, we had a few takers immediately and for their donation to the fun fund they got their very own personalized picture and message!

And finally: “Birthdays, Anniversaries, and Holidays; is there anything you guys don’t celebrate?”  No not really, we love any excuse for a party!  And we’ve had a lot to celebrate in the past few months.  There was Halloween, which was complete with a costume contest (which my fellow co-morale officer took home a prize for her awesome pirate costume), trick-or-treating for anyone that chose to dress up, and some tasty Halloween themed treats.  We also celebrated several birthdays. One of which had to be an unbirthday party because our favorite Sales and Marketing Director was busy with very important business-y type things (personally cake is way more important, but to each his own). Despite his suggestion that we skip his birthday this year (which we refused to do), he was very happy with his delicious Crazy Russian Girl (never heard of them?  They are an incredible bakery here in Bennington, check them out here) “Have a very merry unbirthday” cake.  We also hosted a combined five-year anniversary party, complete with custom decorations…ok so they were really just balloons and ceiling decorations that I wrote on with a Sharpie ®, but they were still very cool.  Why a combined anniversary party?  This year we decided to add the five year anniversaries into the party mix, and considering there were several people that had hit that milestone we decided to have one massive party for all six of them.

We hope this has answered some of the questions that have been bothering you about all the shenanigans we organize and partake in here at Global-Z. Until next quarter,  Co-Morale Officers out!