TedX Talks

~ By Marty Shaw, Director of Sales & Marketing

Global-Z was honored to have sponsored the sold out TEDxManchesterVillage: the Future of Creativity  event last month! Management guru, Tom Peters, was the daylong event’s Master of Ceremonies, providing great insights and introductions to an outstanding lineup of presenters who, as Tom said, helped make the day “mind stretching”.

The ten presenters, each with their signature TED-mandated, not-to-exceed 18 minutes on the red circle carpet, were from a variety of professional disciplines, each bringing a perspective on the importance creativity has for each of us as individuals, personally and professionally. More than one of the presenters quoted Picasso with his cautionary challenge; “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.”

Emmy-nominated actor Tim Daly proposed we lobby Congress in Washington to expand the pursuit of so-called STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) fields to STEAM (science, technology, engineering, ARTS and mathematics).

It was remarkable to see and hear so many Vermont-based thought leaders, each with their own perspective on creativity and how we must embrace it for our children and ourselves. On the topic of technology, Vermont was said to be “a tech State in cow’s clothing”. As the event organizers noted; “Vermont is a great place to create, and more and more professionals in the creative industries – film and new media, architecture, software and game development, the visual and performing arts, advertising and marketing and more – are making Vermont their home.”

The event concluded at the grand Wilburton Inn where attendees and presenters had the opportunity to reflect on and discuss the day that indeed stretched each of our minds with “ideas worth spreading”. Here’s to many more TED Talks to come!

For more on TED Talks visit their website here. Also, you can find resources to help organize a TEDx event in your community.

Dimitri at VT/NH

Co-Founder and Executive VP of Global-Z, Dimitri Garder recently presented a session titled Taking Your Business Global: Art or Science? at the 2013 Vermont/New Hampshire Marketing Group (VT/NH MG) Annual Conference, themed The Art of Marketing, in Whitefield, NH.

Dimitri discussed the challenges businesses face when undergoing international expansion, and some of the art and science that can be applied in meeting these challenges. He highlighted that taking your business global is no longer a matter of choice for many companies – the Internet has changed the game.

The conference was organized by the VT/NH MG, a not-for-profit membership organization providing education and management information to the marketing industry in Vermont, New Hampshire, and states beyond.

We hope you enjoy the images below we took during Dimitri’s presentation. Dimitri extends his thanks to those that attended, for their thoughtful questions, and to the VT/NH MG for inviting Global-Z to lead a session at this year’s conference.

~ by Jennifer Martell and Katie Favreau, Global-Z Co-Morale Officers

Tempus Fugit.  For those of you who don’t speak Latin, this phrase is commonly translated as “Time Flies.”  Nothing could be truer than that here at Global-Z.  The Co-Morale Officers wish to say “Happy Easter” to all our loyal fans.  First of all, we can’t believe it’s already time for another update, but here we are.  Secondly, I thought it appropriate to mention that my Co-Morale Officer, Katie recently celebrated her 5th anniversary here at Global-Z.  She is growing up so fast, and life at Global-Z wouldn’t be the same without her.  Thanks for all your hard work (on actual work stuff) and dedication to Co-Morale-ing.

What is Easter like at Global-Z?  That’s a fair question for newbies.  Last year everybody received a cute little Easter basket with Easter-themed goodies.  This year, we decided to kick it up a notch and institute the Official Global-Z Annual Easter Egg Hunt.  How does this work?  Well, you simply fill roughly a billion little plastic eggs with delicious Easter candy and then proceed to hide them around the office.  Even if they don’t admit it, adults enjoy this reminder of what it was like to be kids at Easter.  It is also an opportunity to score some candy that your kids (or significant other) don’t have access to.

During the cold winter months here in Vermont we do our best to brighten up the office.  Shrink-wrapped windows offered us a golden opportunity for scenery improvement.  Using dry erase markers, we found that we could successfully draw pictures on the shrink-wrap as well as less-successfully erase them to change the picture.  At Christmas, our windows were adorned with snowflakes, Christmas trees, gingerbread men and snowmen.  We even offered to improve other windows in the building.  My Co-Morale Officer, Katie cut wonderfully creative snowflakes out of paper headed for the recycling bin and then colored and hung them from various windows in the building.

By the time Valentine’s Day rolled around, heart-shaped decorations popped up all over the place, including a special skull-themed heart for a co-worker not overly fond of girly pink hearts.  Valentines were distributed by Katie along with little treats for everyone and were warmly received.  Some time in the coming months we will most likely be planning the Second Annual Global-Z Luau, and we will be sure to provide an update of the festivities.

What’s in a name?  We Co-Morale Officers observed that we are accumulating more and more names for ourselves and thought that they might be amusing to share.  If ever we decide to compete in a tag-team wrestling match, we will expect all of these monikers to be announced before we enter the ring.  They include, but will not be limited to: Co-Morale Officers, Ambassadors of Fun, The Boom Crew, Cubicle Toilet Paper-ers, and The Awesome Twins.  I’m sure we will accumulate more as we go along.   Until next time, we recommend continuing to pursue general office hilarity and minor mischief.  You’d be surprised how much you can raise your company morale.  Good luck, Mischief-Makers-In-Training!




Global-Z International’s Sales & Marketing team recently attended this year’s Technology for Marketing and Advertising (TFM&A) show.  The TFM&A took place on February 26-27 at Earls Court in London, England.

This year we exhibited in the International Direct Marketing Expo (IDMX) area of the exhibit hall, which brought together leading suppliers, insight and expertise into the latest direct marketing solutions from across the globe. Our booth featured a brand new banner backdrop as well as a new visual presentation that displayed our latest solutions for the data quality and direct marketing industries.

The TFM&A is the UK’s biggest meeting of marketing minds. According to the TFM&A, over 11,000 people attended the show during the 2012 event and all indications were that TFM&A 2013 was as good, if not better attended.

“We felt this year’s show had a strong attendance” said Marty Shaw, Global-Z’s Director of Sales & Marketing. “The TFM&A show gives us the unique opportunity to meet and discuss the state of our industry with our peers and friends. London is such a great location to meet with our clients and prospective clients located throughout Europe.”

We are already planning to attend the 2014 TFM&A show. See you next year!



~ by Jennifer Martell and Katie Favreau, Global-Z Co-Morale Officers

For our next installment we would like to start by answering a few questions we’re sure you have all been wondering.

Do you have to be an official Co-Morale Officer to plan fun events?  The answer is no, not at all! And the perfect example of this is the three wonderful ladies we have in our Customer Service Department.  For several years they have been organizing the GZ Cookie Swap.  And let me tell you there is nothing like cookies to raise morale!  So the Morale Officers would like to take this opportunity to personally thank our Customer Service team for taking the reins on this every year and officially make them honorary morale officers.

The next question we would like to answer is how do we fund all our awesome activities? While we are more than happy to fund the fun from our own pockets, we have also had several co-workers make donations to the “fun fund”.  We recently started a fundraising venture with the “Production Jumbotron”.  We upcycled some packing material from our new printer into a tower complete with jumbotron area. We then “sold” advertising space to any co-worker interested in having their ad displayed in our office suite.  Surprisingly, we had a few takers immediately and for their donation to the fun fund they got their very own personalized picture and message!

And finally: “Birthdays, Anniversaries, and Holidays; is there anything you guys don’t celebrate?”  No not really, we love any excuse for a party!  And we’ve had a lot to celebrate in the past few months.  There was Halloween, which was complete with a costume contest (which my fellow co-morale officer took home a prize for her awesome pirate costume), trick-or-treating for anyone that chose to dress up, and some tasty Halloween themed treats.  We also celebrated several birthdays. One of which had to be an unbirthday party because our favorite Sales and Marketing Director was busy with very important business-y type things (personally cake is way more important, but to each his own). Despite his suggestion that we skip his birthday this year (which we refused to do), he was very happy with his delicious Crazy Russian Girl (never heard of them?  They are an incredible bakery here in Bennington, check them out here) “Have a very merry unbirthday” cake.  We also hosted a combined five-year anniversary party, complete with custom decorations…ok so they were really just balloons and ceiling decorations that I wrote on with a Sharpie ®, but they were still very cool.  Why a combined anniversary party?  This year we decided to add the five year anniversaries into the party mix, and considering there were several people that had hit that milestone we decided to have one massive party for all six of them.

We hope this has answered some of the questions that have been bothering you about all the shenanigans we organize and partake in here at Global-Z. Until next quarter,  Co-Morale Officers out!