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Dimitri Garder

Dimitri Garder is our co-founder and Executive VP of Global-Z International, Inc. Dimitri has been actively involved with the development and implementation of complex global data quality assessment and improvement technologies and solutions both within his organization, as well as for many of Global-Z’s clients, ranging from very small companies to Fortune 100s.  Dimitri’s 23 years of experience with complex international data make him one of the leading experts in his field across the industry.  His approach to data quality is pragmatic, statistically focused, and metrics driven, and believes in solving complex problems through simple, clear, analytical thinking.  He has learned that most data quality challenges are business process problems rather than technology problems, and believes in solving these problems with the simplest tools necessary that will get the job done.

Dimitri holds a BA in Music Theory from the University of Vermont, and an MBA from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.  When not working with international data and a growing business, Dimitri’s interests turn to his lovely wife, performing music with his siblings, volunteering for community development efforts, sailing, indoor and outdoor volleyball, snowboarding (on powder days only), curling (yes, with the brooms on the ice), and he fully intends to hit golf balls at least once a year, God willing and the creek don’t rise.